qy球友会国际手机登录网址创建于20186月,是一家致力于生物基可降解高分子材料的研发、生产和销售为一体的专业技术型qy球友会国际手机登录网址。以改性竹纤维、秸秆纤维等结合聚乳酸(P L A)等可生物降解树脂制备全降解生物复合材料。应用领域主要是制造一次性餐具(餐盒、刀、叉、勺、吸管、杯等),购物袋,快递包装、充气包装、石油基塑料的改性填料等。


联系电话:0595-85181888       18015838888(微信同号)

Founded in June 2018, Baixin (Fujian) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional and technical company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of biodegradable polymer materials. The biodegradable biocomposites are prepared with modified bamboo fibers and straw fibers combined with polylactic acid (P L A) and other biodegradable resins. The main application fields are manufacturing disposable tableware (lunch boxes, knives, forks, spoons, pipes, cups, etc.), shopping bags, express packages, inflatable packages, modified fillers of petroleum-based plastics, etc.

The company's business philosophy is "technology, innovation, efficiency, development", and always adheres to the "technology is the foundation of survival, application is the way of development". Be brave in exploring, sincerely strive to create value for customers by virtue of strong R&D strength, high quality product quality and perfect after-sales service.

Baixin (Fujian) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 11 Shengtai Road, Printing Base of Cizao Town, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province.

Tel:0595-85181888    18015838888 (wechat)

qy球友会国际手机登录网址,专营 改性专用料 全降解口罩 原料区 植物纤维改性 淀粉改性 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询qy球友会国际手机登录网址,联系电话:18015838888 13599222506